Monday, April 20, 2020

Be Normal

      Zoe Abigail Cozy is 13¾ years old. She lives in a quaint yellow house with her dad, mom, and cat.
    Mr. Cozy works in the tea industry (If you get him on the subject of tea, he will never stop talking about it.) And no one knows exactly what it is that Mrs. Cozy does. 
     Unfortunately, The Cozy house is not a cozy place to live. Zoe Abigail Cozy is an outsider in her own home. She, at least, has her best friend, the cat, to keep her company. 
     Zoe never thought about the concept of being normal. It was not on her list of things to do or things to worry about. Suddenly, 'being normal' is all anyone could talk about and Zoe does not fit in anywhere.
     Read along, as Zoe embarks on a journey to 'be normal'.